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"The Rising"
"The Rising"



I have met some very talented friends on YouTube. Many of these people have helped me in one way or another. I encourage you to check them out if you haven't already!


PetrucciFever (Julian Puttins)


Julian is an incredibly talented guitar player and composer from Germany, and he has been posting amazing original songs longer than I've had a YouTube account. He has motivated me to start composing my own songs, and has provided me with valuable feedback along the way. He has made his album "Guitarified", which consists of all his greatest songs posted on YouTube, available for FREE! If you haven't downloaded yet, you're really missing out!

Download PetrucciFever - Guitarified FREE album




musicman1066 lives in the UK and was one of my first friends on YouTube. We were doing covers of many of the same bands, and he has a perfectionist attitude like me (probably more so!). It's incredible how much his playing has improved over the past 2 years. He has an excellent ear for music and often finds mistakes in my tabs and lets me know about them. ;-) When people ask me to cover songs that musicman1066 has already done, I just tell them to watch musicman's videos, because I know they are very accurate.


RedSGShredder (Vafa Mottahedin)


Vafa is another great player from the USA who has helped me quite a bit with the information he has shared about PC recording. He introduced me to Acoustica Beatcraft, which I used for drum tracks on "Arrival", and Toontrack EZdrummer, which I used on my second song "The Rising". He also is willing to share his knowledge with aspiring guitar players through his video guitar lessons. Be sure to check out Vafa's website, and download his FREE instrumental album comprised of songs originally written for his old band Careworn. Also, check out his new original song on YouTube!


LaiYouttitham (Lai)


Lai is a fantastic instrumental guitar player and composer from the USA. You can download his songs for free on his website.




ChromeCelica00 a.k.a. The Riff Maker has some great melodic metal song ideas on his channel. With an improved audio recording method and some more full songs, I think he could do great things on YouTube.



R9L3 (Ryan)

Ryan very generously created the album art for my second original song "The Rising" (shown below).





Jrdnxxhero created the KillrBuckeye banner that I'm using in the header of the website.



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